Air Repair Lakeland: Tips on Staying Cool Without Overspending​

Lakeland is known for a few things – outrageously amazing turn-of-the-century architecture, the best antiquing for miles in any direction, and being hot, hot, HOT!


Like anywhere else in Florida, whether you’re in the Bay Area or not, summer brings high temperatures, high humidity, and alligators in all sorts of unexpected places. We may not be able to help you deal with scaly, many-toothed reptile issues, but we can certainly chip in with the rest.


At Air Repair Lakeland, we’ve learned a thing or two about what matters to our customers. We’ve learned how to keep your home cool. We’ve learned how to keep your bills under control. We’ve learned how to keep your equipment running better, longer, and more efficiently. Best of all? We’ve learned how to do it smiling.


So if you want award-winning service that suits your budget, we urge you to give us a call. In the meantime, we’re going to give you some actionable tips you can use to get those crazy air conditioning bills under control.


Summer can overwork your A/C and lead to costly repairs and higher energy bills.


Yep. No doubt about it, the sun feels a little closer in Florida than most places in the USA. Don’t worry, though. We’ve got solutions, and they have everybody’s favorite price tag on them: FREE.


Here’s what you do:



Keep your HVAC Equipment clean and well-maintained.


Now, without a doubt, we’re going to do a deep dive into this one in future articles, because AC repair, Lakeland, is a pretty big topic, and maintenance takes up the lion’s share of our time. Typically, we’ll only recommend a fresh AC installation when your old system is more trouble than it’s worth. But on the topic of clean and well-maintained systems, we can definitely give you the bullet points.


Clean your air filters often. Most of the time, manufacturer’s guidelines will give you advice on this, but if you’re not sure, the professionals at Air Repair Lakeland have got your back. Typically, you should be doing this once a month or so. You might even want to consider cleaning or changing them every 2-3 weeks if you’ve got furry pets or an old, dusty home. This will help prevent maintenance issues related to overwork or poor airflow. It will also keep your system from working at below-peak efficiency levels and costing you extra money every month

Fix crushed or bent fins.The fins on your AC unit aren’t for show, they’re doing a very important job. If yours are misaligned, you can gently straighten them with a tool called a fin comb, or, in a pinch, a butter knife. Be sure not to go further than ¼”-1/2” in.

Keep your eyes out for leaks and clogs.Clogged condensate drain tubes, leaks in your system, and other similar issues can really damage your system’s ability to cool your home and lead to costly AC repair. You can watch for these by noting puddling or pooling water, checking the drain pan, or keeping your nose out for slimy or mildew smells which could indicate moisture issues.

Don’t wait on repairs. Keeping a maintenance contract with a professional ac installation and ac repair service is highly advisable. It’s our job to respond to small issues and correct them before they cause bigger problems.



Don’t push your system too hard – and invest in a great thermostat.


When it comes to air conditioning, the little things matter. A difference of even one degree in the setting on your thermostat could mean a 3-6% discrepancy in energy costs. Contrary to popular belief, setting your thermostat to 60 degrees when you want it to be 68 degrees in your home won’t cool things down any faster. In fact, the typical effect is to cool at precisely the same rate, but to cost you more money doing so because the system is working overtime. The moral here is set the thermostat to the temperature at which you will actually be comfortable.


And on the topic of programmable thermostats – if you live in an older home with a mercury stat or an older programmable stat without modern features like wi-fi access and learning capabilities, you’re missing out on a big money saver. Modern thermostats are incredibly sophisticated, with a host of features designed to maximize efficiency. Some features are for convenience, but most are designed to use as little energy as possible.


Take, for instance, the current generation of Nest Thermostats. Here are just a few things these impressive air conditioning “brains” can do:



Light up when you enter the room to show you time, temperature, weather, and other useful information.

Learn your schedule and your home’s thermal “quirks,” enabling it to make recommendations to your heating and cooling programs.

Connect to your phone or computer so you can control it from anywhere.

Alert you immediately if it detects an issue with any of your equipment.

Intelligent control of fans, enabling you to cut cooling costs even further by improving circulation of cooled air and reducing energy loss.


There’s no reason not to invest in something like this – costs top out at just a couple hundred dollars for even very advanced models, and they can pay for themselves in as little as a year of drastic energy savings.


3)Got ceiling fans? Use ‘em.


If you’re thrifty but hate sweating, ceiling fans are your friend. This is especially true in older homes with draft problems. They can’t do the job all by their lonesome, but they can sure help. It surprises our customers when we tell them this, but ceiling fans can save you some real money.


How, when they don’t actually do any cooling?


Ceiling fans cool your skin. They make the room feel cooler than it is. Remember above, where we said each degree of your thermostat can impact costs? A ceiling fan allows you to set your thermostat a few degrees higher.Best case scenario? That could spell a savings of anywhere from 3-15 percent annually.


However, if you’re planning to use ceiling fans as an assist, don’t forget to raise your thermostat, otherwise you’re not getting the job done.


Also (and this is important), ceiling fans aren’t miraculous money savers in every case. If your house doesn’t have fans already, the amount of money it would cost to install them in every room in your home would offset any savings. At that point, we’d say look to the other tips in this article.


But if you’re lucky enough to have some already, get the dust off of the blades and put them to work!



Keep things closed.


If you keep forgetting to close your doors and windows, you’re basically paying to cool the neighborhood, because all of your money is floating right out the window. LITERALLY.


Keep things sealed up nice and tight when your AC is running, and consider energy-efficient curtains and blinds. They can do a lot to facilitate easy cooling, particularly “black-out” or “UV” curtains that block or reflect the rays of the sun. Solar shades and energy efficient curtain panels don’t have to block all of your natural light, either. It’s the best of both worlds.



Have the right HVAC equipment.

Okay, so not every tip in this article is free to act upon, depending on what’s cooling off your home right now.


That doesn’t mean that this tip has to cost you money, though. It’s more about having all of the information at hand. As they say, knowledge is power!


Our professionally certified technicians can do lots of complex math problems that will tell them whether your system is right for your home. If it isn’t, we can tell you (with great precision) how much money we can save you each month, and how long it will take a new AC installation to pay you back for its installation costs.


Check the Energy Star rating of your gear. Check how old it is, as well. If it’s 2009 or earlier, you might want to consider an upgrade. The technology behind heating and air conditioning is always evolving, and modern units are leaps and bounds ahead of the older stuff when it comes to efficiency.


Air Repair Lakeland: Call us today for a FREE consultation.


No one at Air Repair Lakeland is going to try to hard-sell you. That isn’t the way we work. On the other hand, if your equipment is outdated, we’d love to help you.


All of these simple things can have a measurable impact on how much money it costs you to keep the heat outside where it belongs. Taking precautions to extend the life and value of your air conditioner is always a good thing. Eventually, even the best designed units will malfunction and need a great AC repair team. Fortunately for Lakeland, Polk County, and the rest of the Tampa area, Lakeland Air Repair has what it takes to keep your house comfortable for years to come.


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