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Waiting on air conditioning repair can be a costly mistake. There are many seemingly small problems that can easily damage your entire air conditioning system. Learn to recognize the early warning signs, and act on them quickly. Here are some easy-to-miss signs:


  • Odors, especially musty or burning smells, are signs of either problems with your ventilation or with the electrical components of your air conditioner.
  • Sinus or allergy problems among the family could be signs of ventilation issues, as well, particularly of dust and buildup in your filters and vents.
  • Rising electric bills without a corresponding rise in how often your air conditioner is running.
  • Noises – because your air conditioner can be noisy, anyway, it’s easy to ignore some added noise. However, those pops, squeaks, clicks and clacks could spell serious trouble under the hood of your equipment. It could be something as simple as a loose screw, or as serious as impending compressor failure.
  • Inconsistent performance is another sign that’s easy to ignore. If some rooms are warmer than others, your system is improperly balanced, and it will work too hard to compensate. If your system doesn’t always cool things down, or if your home’s humidity seems excessively high, those are also signs of problems that could cost you big bucks down the road.


Don’t Get Caught Unprepared – Let Air Repair Lakeland Keep Your System Running Perfectly!

Great news, Florida homeowners – the best AC repair technicians in your area are never more than a phone call away. We’ll work within your budget to give you fast, affordable solutions to all of your cooling problems.


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Lakeland – Air Conditioning Repair Can Be Stressful – But Not Any More





Lakeland Cool Air – Get Same-Day AC Repair, Best-In-Class Service, and FREE Estimates From Unmatched Craftsmen … All Without Breaking the Bank. 




What Makes Air Repair Lakeland the Best?


Did you know?


  • Your HVAC equipment is the largest single investment in your home, and accounts for up to a third of your electric bill?
  • HVAC repair estimates – for the same repair – can vary hundreds of dollars or more between contractors?
  • Many HVAC contractors take shortcuts to lower their quotes, which can cost you more money down the road?


Lakeland – and really all of Florida – is full of contractors, but there is a reason why Air Repair Lakeland is considered one of the top companies. In fact, there are several. Here’s what separates us from the competition:



Reliability. When you call a contractor, you don’t want to worry about their honesty, their schedule, or their skill level. Our contractors are certified and ready to tackle any air conditioning repair projects. For you, that means savings – we get the job done quickly and correctly, without wasting time or money.


Customer service. It isn’t enough in this industry just to make repairs and leave. Our customers keep calling us because they trust us, and because they honestly enjoy seeing our technicians. Our experts will listen to your needs and offer affordable solutions, which means you’ll never again live in fear of the final repair bill.


Year-round 24/7 access. We’re never really closed – if your air conditioner breaks down at 3 am on the Fourth of July, we’ll still come out and fix it for you. Our emergency phone lines are open 24/7!


Money-back guarantees. If we don’t fix it, you don’t pay, and all of our repairs are backed up by an ironclad satisfaction guarantee. Never pay for anything less than the best.



 Kristy Lavaronereviewed  — 5 star


Best painting service in town from the office staff down to the knowledge the painters have. The professionalism the owner Jason has is unbelievable.. I highly recommend him and his team for any job. No job to big or small that they can't handle.


Don’t you deserve AC repair services that won’t cost an arm and a leg? If you’re in the Lakeland area, our unbeatable prices and expert technicians are at your service. Call us for any Lakeland Air Conditioning Repair today.


Lakeland – AC Repair Shouldn’t Be Stressful


You’ve been there before, right? Struggling to decide whether you can get away without calling an HVAC contractor. Driving yourself crazy with questions:


How do you find the right company?

How much is it going to cost?

How long will you be without air conditioning?

How do you know you won’t be overcharged?

What if they can’t fix it?


Newsflash, Lakeland – air-conditioning repair shouldn’t be like this! You should feel comfortable and confident when dealing with HVAC contractors. The wider Lakeland area is home to thousands of licensed air conditioning service contractors. That means you’ve got choices, and you don’t have to settle for a company that leaves a bad taste in your mouth.


We guarantee quick and reliable service. We guarantee technicians with the skills and training to handle any problem you’ve got. With Air Repair Lakeland, you’re in good hands – and so is your air conditioner. 



Air Conditioning Repair – Bring In the Big Guns


Does this seem familiar to you?


  • Your air conditioner is giving off a burning or moldy smell.
  • The air in your home remains humid or warm even with your AC running.
  • You hear banging or rattling noises when your system is on.
  • Your air conditioner stops and starts constantly.


The height of summer is no time to be worrying about air conditioning repair. By the time the summer rolls in, and temperatures are skyrocketing, HVAC contractors are getting busy.

That means you can’t always take advantage of off-season prices, and it also means that your home is an oven while you’re waiting. We recommend getting things taken care of before the thermometer climbs too high.


Call Air Repair Lakeland today – take advantage of our special prices, same-day service, and skilled technicians.


HVAC Repair – Frequently Asked Questions

The more you know about your HVAC equipment, the better off you’ll be when something goes wrong. Here are some simple answers to common questions.


What are the parts of my system? Your central air conditioner is usually made up of three parts: the indoor unit, or air handler, the outdoor unit, or condenser, and the thermostat. You may have a different setup, for example if you use a packaged system.


The components are connected by a complex series of cables and lines. You may have a ductless mini-split, or your system may be tied into a network of air ducts throughout your home.


All of these parts work together to cool your home, and if anything goes wrong with any of them, you could see a corresponding loss of comfort.


How often should my air filter be replaced? In general, defer to your manufacturer’s guide here, but a good guideline suggests that filters be changed every month or two.


High efficiency filters (MERV filters) can be replaced less often. If you aren’t sure, call us and give us your specific model, and we’ll tell you exactly what you need to know.


What are the signs that my AC may be malfunctioning? Other than the supremely obvious signs – like a seriously overheated living room – there are many things that might suggest AC repair issues:


  • The temperature deviating more than a few degrees away from the setting on your thermostat.
  • Abnormal sounds from within your equipment (buzzing, clicking, screeching).
  • Water dripping from refrigerant lines or gathering in your condensate drain.
  • Low air flow or short running cycles.
  • Your bills have gotten higher without any change in your usage.


If you’re experiencing this or other potential symptoms of malfunction, it’s important that you shut your equipment down and call in a professional – before something more serious occurs.


What can I do before I call for professional air conditioning repair? Before calling in professionals, you could consider a few things on your own. It’s worth checking:


That your thermostat is correctly set.

That the circuit breaker isn’t tripped.

That your air filters are clean.

That vents and intakes are not obstructed.


If you’ve exhausted these options and are still having issues, it’s time to call Air Repair Lakeland. 


Lakeland - Air Conditioning Repair Blog


Air Repair Lakeland would like to welcome you to our AC Repair blog. On this page, we will provide you with the tools you need to make the most of your air conditioning system.


The Internet is full of opinions, most of them in sharp disagreement with one another. Most people use Google to start looking for information, especially for DIY projects, and the care of HVAC equipment. It’s alarmingly easy to find inaccurate information out there.


If you’re searching for AC repair articles, we think it’s important that you find true and clear information. Our articles aren’t biased or self-congratulatory. We’re focused on making certain that our customers aren’t putting themselves or their equipment in jeopardy. Air Conditioners use high voltages and have lots of moving parts, as well as refrigerant, which is potentially hazardous and illegal to handle without proper training.


Instead of risking yourself and your expensive equipment, trust us to provide you with the troubleshooting guides, pro tips, and information you need to make the right decisions. And if we haven’t answered your question in one of our posts, give us a call!


Thanks for choosing Air Repair Lakeland. 




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